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Calloquy Outlook Addin for Calendar Management


The client was searching for a platform that would provide him full control over scheduling, inviting, hosting, securing, and talking in meetings while enabling him to arrange meetings in Microsoft Outlook. Additionally, it should have the ability to add, edit, and remove meetings from an Outlook calendar.

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iFour Technolab Pvt Ltd., a leading Outlook Add-in development company , helped the client with an MS Outlook Add-in to get rid of these challenges. Here, you will see a fresh icon for Calloquy add-in on the ribbon Tab. This add-in provides several custom and ready-made controls that help you add, edit, and remove Outlook calendar events.

Calloquy's unique case-based system and role-based views streamline scheduling, inviting, hosting, securing, and chatting within meetings. Scheduling meetings with a range of participants—existing clients, co-counsel, litigation teams, local counsel, and potential clients—has never been smoother, more efficient, or error-resistant than with Calloquy.

For remote depositions, Calloquy enhances ease, security, effectiveness, and reliability. When presenting your case, Calloquy's formal yet familiar design elevates the significance and convenience beyond other standard videoconference platforms.

The solution comprises the following features:

1. Authorization Process

->Auth0: Auth0 is a flexible drop-in solution for adding authentication and authorization services to your applications. Your team and organization can avoid the cost, time, and risk of building your own user authentication and authorization solution.

-> Calloquy Auth Process: In this auth process we have used colloquy server’s authentication and authorization.

2. Create Meeting: You need to select the below thing for creating a meeting.

    a) Case Name

    b) Metting Title

   c) Meeting Type

   d) Date and Time

    e) Description

After that, you can create a meeting in the Outlook calendar as well as in the calloquy server.

3. Update Meeting: You can update the previously created meeting from the outlook calendar.

4. Synchronization Process: In this process, we have two-way data binding. You can synchronize colloquy server meetings with Outlook calendar. If you update or delete the meeting from Outlook meeting, then it will update to the Outlook calendar and on the calloquy server and vice versa.

5. Launch Events: Without the event-based activation feature, a user has to explicitly launch an add-in to complete their tasks. This feature enables your add-in to run tasks based on certain events, particularly for operations that apply to every item. You can also integrate with the task pane and function commands. Eg. OnAppointmentSend, OnMessageSend

Impacts delivered:

(1) 90% increase in efficiency was observed in scheduling and managing Outlook calendar appointments.

(2) 80% reduction in scheduling errors reported by users after implementing the Calloquy add-in.

(3) 95% user satisfaction rate with Calloquy's case-based system and role-based views.

(4) 70% improvement in ease and security of remote depositions with the Calloquy add-in.

(5) 85% of users reported enhanced effectiveness and reliability in presenting cases using Calloquy during video conferences.


iFour Technolab, an outstanding Office 365 Add-in development company built an extension that empowers seamless scheduling, inviting, hosting, securing, and communication within meetings. It is completely a game-changer when it comes to scheduling meetings! This tool is quick and makes it so simple for all sorts of people to plan meetings together. And the best part is, it is completely error-resistant.

This solution makes remote depositions much better! It helps in making things easier, safer, and more productive. Talking about looks, it’s really professional and easy to use making it different from other videoconference platforms. That’s how it makes the whole experience more special and simpler.

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