10 PowerPoint Add-ins Legal Consultants Should Use

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Law professionals often have to show their work through presentations in the legal sector. Drafting arguments is surely a skill of a legal worker but not drafting presentations, right? Not to worry, many PowerPoint add-ins for attorneys are available in the market today. Using the add-ons legal workers can create visually eye-appealing slideshows easily and quickly. This way, lawyers can save more time doing the tedious work of presentation creation and use those extra hours to complete their important work.

PowerPoint add-ons for law firms work to extend the capabilities of PowerPoint and proffers functionality to create visually appealing and interactive slideshows. These supplementary tools enable you to utilize additional features and functionalities within PowerPoint.

With Custom PowerPoint add-in development, you can leverage a range of features and functionalities tailored to meet the specific needs of your law profession so you can enhance the efficiency of your presentation.

Using the extensions law consultants don’t have to rely on third-party tools as they can get everything in one place eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms. Here we have come up with a list of the top 10 PowerPoint add-ons that will help attorneys at work, let’s have a look.

10 PowerPoint Add-Ins Legal Consultants Should Use

Here are the best PowerPoint Add-ins for your legal Presentations . You just need to download them, and they’ll appear on the ribbon as an extra tab.

1. ToolsToo

This add-in is specially designed to ease the procedure of presentation creation. It adds more than 100 productivity tools to the PowerPoint ribbon. Using this tool, you can make rounded corners in multiple shapes according to the same radius. It lets you add one or more shapes to a group without losing the group’s animation. Moreover, it even makes it easier to extract your selected slides into a new slideshow and preserves all formatting.

  • This PowerPoint add-in for legal sector comes with a one-time purchase which costs $19.95.

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2. Slide Show Duo

This add-on for PowerPoint allows you to display two consecutive slides on a single screen. When you allow your audience to retain information from previous slides you can surely improve the clarity and consistency of your demonstration in an effective way. This way, law consultants can be assured that their audience can keep an eye on the logical flow of the slideshow and stay engaged with ongoing content.

  • Pricing for this PPT Add-in starts from $49.95.

3. PP Timer

Want to keep an eye on timing while presenting? Try the PP timer plugin that enables you to track timing while speaking so you won’t have to leave your slideshow to start the timer. It enables you to insert a timer directly into your slideshow where you have an option to choose between analogue or digital timer layout.

  • This PowerPoint Add-in for Legal presentation is accessible at $8/year.

4. SlideProof

This one is the most useful tool for legal consultants and attorneys that helps to improve the visual quality of presentation. This extension works to analyze presentations, spot inconsistencies, and suggest improvements accordingly. This way you can display your data better without any errors. Moreover, consultants can save more time finalizing presentations and get rid of the annoying task of proofreading.

  • Monthly and yearly subscription packages are available for this legal PowerPoint Add-in.

5. Mentimeter

This tool helps to create training programs, meetings, workshops, conferences, and much more to interact with the audience. This plugin even lets you add live Q&A, polls, quizzes, word clouds, surveys, and other elements. Here users can vote with their smartphones, and you can see the results in real-time.

  • The basic plan for this legal PowerPoint Add-in starts from $11.99/month.

6. Speech Over Professional

This plugin for PowerPoint allows you to add voice-overs to your presentation especially beneficial when you have to display specific training or learning sessions. Here law consultants can use narrated audio recordings, ready-to-use audio files, and genuine text-to-speech voices. This tool comprises different languages and dialects for text-to-speech functionality.

  • The one-time purchase of this PowerPoint Add-in costs $299.

7. Pexels

Here is another robust tool that makes legal presentation more interesting. It has a bunch of free stock images and video clips. The Pexel plugin comprises 3 million plus high-quality photos, legal PowerPoint themes, and videos that you can utilize for your presentation. The plus point of this Add-in is that the content available in the tool is free to use and you can easily distribute this content for your presentation freely without any legal issues.

  • This PowerPoint Add-in for Legal consultant is available in free and paid plans.

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8. iSpring Suit

This tool helps law professionals simplify the task of creating e-learning programs tailored to their precise needs. Using this tool, legal consultants can integrate multimedia elements, interactive pages, videos, quizzes, characters, etc to design and deliver engaging learning experiences. By demonstrating an eye-appealing slideshow, industry experts can train their subordinates regarding the profession, also beneficial to provide product knowledge.

  • This PowerPoint Add-in for Legal professionals is available at free and paid plans.

9. Camtasia

Camtasia is a robust extension that brings such great capabilities for screen recording and video editing. Especially beneficial when you are required to add effects and transitions in your video presentation. Using this tool legal consultants can capture and edit video presentations, witness testimonies, and deposition excerpts in their presentations. This add-in smoothly incorporates with PowerPoint, making it easy to include the videos into slides and create a professional presentation that will engage and entertain the audience.

  • Different pricing plans are available for both businesses and a team of consultants.

10. Slidedog

Here is an all-in-one extension simplifying the procedure of integrating multimedia content from different sources in a streamlined way. Whether it’s about incorporating PowerPoint slides, PDF documents, websites, or videos, SlideDog can do all this for you. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, SlideDog stands as a perfect tool for creating professional and engaging presentations, making it ideal for a wide range of cases whether you wish to create courtroom presentations, client pitches, or more.

  • Pricing for this PowerPoint Add-in for Legal business starts at $19/month.

So, these are some of the best Power Apoint add-ins that make your presentations stand out. But remember, if you want to make the most of them, it's important to customize PPT Add-ins with effective tools, and Best Practices .

How is PowerPoint used in the legal field?

Microsoft PowerPoint is an essential tool for lawyers to understand essential legal concepts, just like in other fields.

  • -> Legal Instructors can use slides to highlight the most important points.
  • -> They can also show examples of real cases to help us understand better.
  • -> PowerPoint can be used to show us how legal principles work in real life.
  • -> Consultants can use slides to make legal concepts easier to understand.

How do PowerPoint Add-ins Help Legal Consultants?

5 ways custom PowerPoint Add-ins help legal consultants in making their presentation more interesting.

Simplifying Presentation Creation

By integrating legal PowerPoint plugins professionals can access legal PowerPoint templates, design components, and productivity toolsets which ultimately help to streamline the process of creating slideshows.

Enhancing Visual Appeal

By offering a wide range of multimedia content, design assets, and interactive features, legal presentation software helps legal consultants create visually compelling presentations that captivate and engage their audience.

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Streamlining Workflow

Integration with other apps and services automates repetitive tasks, improves collaboration, and enhances productivity throughout the presentation creation process.

Adding Interactive Elements

Interactive polls, quizzes, and simulations foster active participation and feedback from the audience, making legal presentations more engaging and impactful.

Ensuring Consistency

Legal presentation tools for slide library management, content placeholders, and proofreading help maintain consistency and compliance with branding guidelines, legal standards, and formatting requirements.

Choosing the Right PowerPoint Add-in: Tips for Legal Consultants

Here are some PowerPoint tips for lawyers that will help select the Add-in for PowerPoint.

1. Identify Your Needs: Assess your presentation requirements and select add-ins that address your specific needs, whether it's enhancing visual appeal, streamlining workflow, or integrating interactive elements.

2. Start with Trail: In today’s time, almost most of the paid software comes with Trail so take advantage of these free trials and demos to test different add-ins. This way you can evaluate their suitability and check if it matches with your workflow and objectives or not.

3. Training and Support: Invest your time in learning programs where you can learn how to use the selected add-ins effectively. You can leverage available online tutorials, user guides, and customer support resources for better assistance.

4. Feedback: Don’t forget to gather feedback from potential users, colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders who have used those tools previously. This way you can identify areas for improvement and iterate on your presentation design and delivery.


In summary, Microsoft PowerPoint add-ins for legal advocacy offer a range of tools and functionalities that can significantly enhance the slideshow creation process. Whether you need to boost your productivity or simply wish to enhance your design aesthetics, these add-ins provide interactive solutions for your all needs. When your goal is to leverage the full potential of office apps, Office add-in development is your way to go. As it allows you to improve your productivity without leaving the Office environment.

By integrating the right add-in law consultant can streamline their workflow and create innovative demonstrations to engage with their audience. In this blog, we discovered the top 10 PowerPoint plugins that will help legal workers improve their presentation skills quickly and easily. Get in touch with the right Legal software development company to build custom software for your law firm.

FAQs: PowerPoint Add-ins for Legal industry

1. How do lawyers use PowerPoint?

Lawyers use PowerPoint to create compelling presentations for courtrooms, client meetings, and seminars. It helps them visually illustrate legal arguments, present evidence, and communicate complex concepts to judges, juries, and clients.

2. What are the best tips for using PowerPoint Add-ins and Plug-ins effectively?

Some effective tips for using PowerPoint add-ins include choosing add-ins that complement your presentation needs, ensuring compatibility with your PowerPoint version, keeping add-ins updated for optimal performance, and exploring customization options to enhance your presentation quality.

3. How to install PowerPoint add-ins?

Installing PowerPoint add-ins is simple. First, navigate to the Insert tab in PowerPoint, then click on Get Add-ins. From there, you can browse through available add-ins in the Microsoft Store or search for specific add-ins. Once you find the desired add-in, click on Add to install it directly into your PowerPoint application.

4. What are the types of PowerPoint add-ins?

There are three main types of PowerPoint add-ins:

  • Proprietary Add-Ins: Developed by specific companies for their products or services.
  • Premium Add-Ins: Offered by third-party developers for a price, usually providing advanced features and functionalities.
  • Free Add-Ins: Available at no cost, offering basic features to enhance PowerPoint functionality without any monetary investment.

5. Is it legal to use PowerPoint add-ins?

Yes, it is legal to use PowerPoint add-ins, as long as you acquire them through legitimate channels and adhere to any licensing terms or usage agreements specified by the add-in provider. Most add-ins are designed to enhance PowerPoint functionality and do not infringe on any legal regulations or copyrights.

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