15 PowerPoint Add-ins for Feature-rich Healthcare Presentations

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Importance of Presentations in Healthcare

Presentations are an important part of healthcare because by using the slideshows, medical professionals can educate and persuade others which helps to build trust with patients. Medical professionals are often required to create presentations to share knowledge of new medical discoveries, techniques, or skills that contribute to save the lives of patients. Moreover, presentations are often used to educate nurses and other medical staff so they can adopt the workflow.

Hence, we can say effective presentation helps to improve communication and helps the audience understand and retain information. Now this fosters valuable connections and opens doors for new opportunities.

To create presentations, PowerPoint is one of the most widely used tools in the market (with over 500 million active users already). However, you may face limitations while creating advanced slideshows with it. So, what’s the solution to overcome this? PowerPoint Add-ins is the answer! Using these PPT plug-ins, you can accelerate the basic capabilities of the tool, and by customizing them, you can make it even better.

PowerPoint Add-in development facilitates great benefits for healthcare consultants. With multiple options available in the tool, it can be a bit tricky for them to choose the right add-in to work with. This blog helps you with the top PowerPoint plugins for healthcare slides.

Let’s delve further and explore!

Top 15 PowerPoint Add-ins Healthcare Consultants Should Use

Here is the list of the best PowerPoint add-ons for healthcare presentations that will help healthcare consultants create striking and eye-appealing demonstrations.

1. GeoGebra for PowerPoint

GeoGebra is a robust tool that combines algebra and geometry. It can store variables for numbers, vectors, and points, and calculate derivatives and integrals of functions. GeoGebra can also be used to enhance the quality of learning, particularly to explore, visualize, and construct mathematical concepts.

  • Features: Enables teachers and students to use GeoGebra to help formulate and prove geometric conjectures.

  • Benefits: Helps to create interactive learning and teaching resources that can be shared with everyone on its official website.

  • Easy of Use: Consists of an easy-to-use workflow.

  • Pricing: Available for free.

  • Rating: 3.3/5

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2. Waltzing Atoms Molecule Viewer

Want to add 3D visualization to your presentation, try out Waltzing Atoms Molecule Viewer. This is one of the best feature-rich PowerPoint add-ons for medical presentations that allow the rotating and zooming of the molecules as per your favorite position. Integrates well with PowerPoint and Excel apps.

  • Features: Allows you to zoom and rotate molecules during your slideshow.

  • Benefits: Helps to seamlessly explore and learn more about the molecular world of chemistry.

  • Easy of Use: Comprises easy-to-use and navigate through functionality.

  • Pricing: 50€

  • Rating: Not available.

3. Efficient Elements for PowerPoint

Here is a feature-rich tool that allows individuals to create professional-looking presentations . This tool comprises multiple components like automatic agenda slides, a comprehensive slide library, one-click formatting and alignment, corporate design checks, editable maps of all countries in the world, and much more.

  • Features: Structured set of useful slide elements customizable to fit your corporate layout.

  • Benefits: Follow corporate design guidelines and create high-quality presentations in no time.

  • Easy of Use: Users can access multiple tutorials and guides to understand its workflow.

  • Pricing: Different license models and software deployment options are available.

  • Rating: Not available.

4. ExploreTheData

This PowerPoint extension for healthcare professionals enables exploring data using charts and tables. It helps users plot charts by selecting variables and data and even facilitates different views to grasp insights. The add-in comprises Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) components, allowing it to display large datasets smoothly.

  • Features: The charts can display line plots, scatter plots, and area plots with linear or logarithmic scales. Moreover, users can customize the add-in using style files and JavaScript configuration files.

  • Benefits: It lets you visualize and explore your data with interactive, cross-linked charts and tables.

  • Easy of Use: Consists of an easy-to-use structure.

  • Pricing: Free.

  • Rating: 3/5

5. CK-12 Science Resources

Here is a free and time-saving add-in that smoothly integrates with PowerPoint. When you aim to educate users with science concepts, this tool beings extremely beneficial. It allows you to search for videos, science-related text concepts, real-world examples, and other resources to add to your presentation.

  • Features: Lets you search from a comprehensive library of science topics.

  • Benefits: A useful tool to break down the concept and include activities into presentations to enjoy a better learning experience.

  • Easy of Use: Truly an easy-to-use tool for teachers and students.

  • Pricing: Free.

  • Rating: 4/5

6. FastLane

This one is a must-have PPT add-in for healthcare presentations allowing medical professionals to create presentations that meet organizational standards while saving time on other tasks.

  • Features: The feature list comprises flags, maps, image galleries, chart features, key shapes, and many more elements.

  • Benefits: Customizable plugin for PowerPoint allowing users to create a slideshow quickly and easily.

  • Easy of Use: Yes.

  • Pricing: 25 USD

  • Rating: Not available.

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7. Power User

A must-have productivity add-in for all industry professionals, allowing creators to easily insert, format, and resize shapes for their presentations. This tool contains a broad library of PowerPoint elements and also links between Excel to update presentation data.

  • Features: TOffers a wide range of features including templates, charts, pictures, icons, logos, etc.

  • Benefits: users can obtain tools to work faster and cut down their maximum time to create presentations.

  • Easy of Use: Build with a user-centric interface.

  • Pricing: Available at free and paid licensing plans.

  • Rating: 5/5

8. Quick Animator

This tool lets you create animations quickly and easily without leaving the PowerPoint environment. Here individuals can set or remove animations to entire slides in just a single click.

  • Features: Multiple animation and transition variations are available.

  • Benefits: Allows to create animated slides in the quickest way possible.

  • Easy of Use: For sure, it's an easy-to-access plugin for PowerPoint.

  • Pricing: Yearly plan available at $19.95

  • Rating: Not available.

9. ToolsToo

This one is a comprehensive suite of tools that helps you arrange and modify the shapes of your slideshow. Especially being helpful when you are required to create a large presentation. It allows you to reduce your presentation's size by removing unnecessary slide masters and layouts.

  • Features: Comprises 100+ shape tools, 30+ slide tools, and other reference shape options.

  • Benefits: It provides a shortcut to ensure visual consistency across slides and templates.

  • Easy of Use: Surely a user-friendly tool.

  • Pricing: A free 30-day trial is available, after which you can purchase the add-in at $19.95.

  • Rating: Not available.

10. Pickit

Get access to legal and compliant public images directly in the PowerPoint environment. Pickit’s public image library allows business professionals to access photos, icons, and clipart to create a striking presentation that makes an impact.

  • Features: Gives access to legal images and brand assets at your fingertips.

  • Benefits: Works smoothly with PowerPoint Designer and lets you create presentations 5 times faster by using suggested layout options.

  • Easy of Use: Proposes an easy to utilize pathway.

  • Pricing: You may find multiple pricing plans for businesses however you can proceed with a free trial.

  • Rating: 3.5/5

11. PhET Sims - Science / Math

PhET simulations are interactive environments that make the invisible visible, provide measurement tools, and emphasize real-world connections for student exploration and discovery.

  • Features: Access a wide collection of fun and interactive simulations for science and math instruction.

  • Benefits: Facilitates tested and evaluated simulations, supporting effective education.

  • Easy of Use: This tool makes it easy for teachers, students, and individuals to install and use the plugin.

  • Pricing: Free

  • Rating: 4.1/5

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12. Scan&Paste for Office 365

Forget the routine of adding images manually into the slideshow. Why to add manually when you can directly add pics of your choices quickly by using your phone. Yes this plugin for PPT enables users to scan photos with their phones and can get scanned pictures directly in their slides.

  • Features: Get scanned images directly into your presentation.

  • Benefits: Allows individuals to add photos and documents directly scanned from their smartphones.

  • Easy of Use: Simple and easy-to-use plugin.

  • Pricing: Free

  • Rating: 3.9/5

13. Office Timeline

This extension for PowerPoint allows the creation of Gantt charts and project timelines into PowerPoint.

  • Features: The feature set of the Office Timeline plugin comes with Drag and drop functionality, modification of formatting, addition of connectors, and much more.

  • Benefits: Build your project timeline quickly and easily.

  • Easy of Use: Consists of an easy-to-use workflow.

  • Pricing: Available in free and paid version.

  • Rating: Not available.

14. PowerPoint Labs

It’s an open-source project that facilitates several features to make your slideshow more eye-appealing in seconds.

  • Features: Animation, easy zoom, narrations, captions, special effects, and many more features are available.

  • Benefits: Makes it easy to create engaging slides.

  • Easy of Use: Comparatively easy to use.

  • Pricing: Free

  • Rating: Not available.

15. Lucidchart Diagram

Lucidchart Diagram a useful extension for PowerPoint allows you to integrate diagrams, flowcharts, wireframes, mock-ups, mind maps, and many more components to your presentation. So that you can make it more descriptive and easier to understand for the targeted users.

  • Features: Allows you to add diagrams, flowcharts, wireframes, and other elements to your slide.

  • Benefits: Enhance your slideshow by adding multiple elements and communicate effectively with your audience.

  • Easy of Use: Easy to install and utilize the plugin.

  • Pricing: One can make use of free and paid plans.

  • Rating: 3/5


Office 365 Add-in development gives a range of usefulness for healthcare professionals. From managing Excel data sheets to boosting PowerPoint skills, Microsoft Office has an add-in for your all problems. This way you can leverage the full potential of Office apps, without relying on third-party solutions or paid subscriptions.

In this blog, we have talked about the 15 best PowerPoint add-ins for medical professionals that will help individuals level up their presentation skills and boost productivity while staying in the Office environment.

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