Top Word Add-ins for Fintech Consultants

Kapil Panchal - July 09, 2024

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Microsoft Word remains a productivity tool for every working professional, especially FinTech consultants as they have to deal with documents all the time. However, MS Word lacks a lot of functionality forcing finance businesses to rely on third-party tools that are costly and have performance issues too. But what if you can get solutions to your all problems within Word? Well, Word add-ins can be your all-in-one solution.

You can make use of Word add-ins that let you use extra functionality within the Word app, so you don’t have to switch between multiple platforms. You can find hundreds and thousands of add-ins in the Microsoft store, but choosing one from such a long list can be confusing. Not to worry, we are here with the list of the top 13 Word add-ins for FinTech consultants helping to improve productivity and work efficiency.

However, while installing an add-in for Outlook be sure to check the privacy, security, and ease of use it offers. Also, make sure it easily integrates with your app or not to ensure easy access.

Let’s have a look at the best Outlook add-ins for fintech analysts that helps to improve productivity, security, and collaboration in the workplace.

Top 13 Word Add-ins for FinTech Consultants

Word add-ins come in a wide range of categories and of course with differentiated pricing structure. Here we have categorized each add-in and described its features and cost structure to help you easily select the right add-in.

Word Add-ins for Document Management

Dealing with documentation all the time causes headaches certainly. Well, you can install the Word add-ins for documentation and simplify the procedure of drafting document for your Word add-ins for FinTech

financial matters.

This one is a document management add-ins for FinTech professionals that enables you to update your Excel and PowerPoint content in your Word with portable links.


  • It supports small to large documents containing hundreds of pages and slides.
  • The content links are durable and can be shared with others.
  • Linked content can be copied into other documents.
  • Personalized templates allow for automatically generating reports.

Benefits: This Word add-in for FinTech helps to improve productivity and lets you be assured that documents are always updated.

Compatibility: The plugin is compatible with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Pricing: The basic version is free to use while the paid plan starts from $9.95 per user/month.

Rating: The plugin has a 4.3-star rating out of 5.

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Word Add-ins for Data Analysis and Reporting

Analyzing complex and large data sets can be challenging for finance consultants. There are add-ons available that help with data analysis and reporting procedures.


Epsillion is a useful Word add-in for FinTech data analysis that allows one to convert Word documents to PDFs, presentations, reports, and e-books with a single click.

So, you can easily analyze the data and create reports.


  • Link charts, graphs, and numbers in your Word document directly to Excel for easy updates.
  • Word files will automatically reflect the changes in Excel data.
  • The formatting of fonts, colors, logos, and margins is done automatically.
  • Helps to create customized documents with Word files.

Benefits: It helps you save your valuable time from updating content and reformatting.

Compatibility: The add-on smoothly integrates with Word and Excel, or you can access it through API.

Pricing: You can contact the sales team for pricing details.

Rating: It has 5-star ratings.

Word Add-ins to Improve Collaboration and Communication

Communication and collaboration are the keys to get success in every industry. Sometimes, a lack of communication can break the team spirit and project goals. FinTech professionals can install the add-in to share their documents with clients or team members and communicate efficiently.

3. Triyo


Triyo a Word plug-in for FinTech consultants allows to collaborate documents with teams to work on the same documents for better work efficiency.


  • It lets you collaborate from Outlook or Gmail to automatically generate tasks.
  • Enables multiple users to access documents without compromising security factors.
  • Allows to send reminders to individual team members.
  • Also enables you to get insights from day-to-day workflows.

Benefits: Triyo is a powerful tool that helps to create teams, assign roles, update documents, and approve tasks directly within Word.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.

Pricing: You can use this plugin free of charge, however, you can purchase a paid plan for more functionality that starts from $15 per user.

Rating: Triyo has got 5-star ratings.


This incredible add-ins for Word help with translating your content into multiple languages with just a few clicks.

So, there will be no language barrier for communicating.


  • It lets you translate PDF files, Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint, and other file types.
  • Helps you fine-tune your content with word alternatives.
  • Get accurate suggestions to improve the quality of your content.
  • Access a built-in dictionary to know the meaning of words.

Benefits: This add-in works to translate and proofread content within your Word environment.

Compatibility: DeepL plugin is available for Microsoft Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint platforms.

Pricing: The paid plan of this add-in starts from $17.49 per user/month.

Rating: The DeepL add-in got a 3.1-star rating out of 5.


Fix your writing style and write error-free documents and reports with this add-in for Word.


  • It helps with grammar check, spelling check, and improvement in writing style.
  • Helps with skill development with plenty of suggestions, videos, and articles.
  • Generative AI helps you spark your writing and helps to enhance the dull structures of paragraphs.
  • Helps you get areas of improvement in your content with just a click.

Benefits: This Word add-in for FinTech professionals helps to transform writing beyond just basics for better communication.

Compatibility: ProWritingAid extension works smoothly with MS Word.

Pricing: You can get basic writing suggestions for free, or you can purchase a premium plan at $19.74.

Rating: It has 4.7-star rating out of 5.

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Word Add-ins for Compliance and Security

Working with industry security standards and compliance is essential for everyone, but sometimes we neglect security risks while sharing documents online which can cause a cyber threat for FinTech firms. In this situation, you can utilize Word add-ins for FinTech compliance and security that help you save from malicious attacks.


Here is a useful Word add-on for FinTech consultants that helps to send, sign, and track documents securely right from Word.


  • It allows you to get signatures and sign documents securely.
  • You can easily edit a document and specify the signing process to simplify the business process.
  • It lets you and your clients sign documents from any device.
  • Once recipients have signed, it automatically saves documents in OneDrive.

Benefits: The great benefit of using this extension is that it securely sends documents and minimizes the risk associated with document sharing across platforms.

Compatibility: The DocuSign Word add-ins for FinTech is designed to work with Word, Outlook, and SharePoint.

Pricing: You can try this add in for free, the paid plan starts from $10 per month.

Rating: DocuSign got a 4.4-star rating out of 5 which is quite incredible.


Here is the most beneficial Word add-ins for FinTech business that helps to track, trace, and authenticate documents.


  • It helps to prove the validity of documents.
  • Let you keep track of individuals trying to access documents protected by Countermark.
  • Allows you to secure identities and sensitive data within documents.

Benefits: The Countermark plugin can help you hide sensitive information on a document that only allows authorized persons to access the sensitive data.

Compatibility: The add-on is compatible with Microsoft Word.

Pricing: The basic version is free to use.

Word Add-ins for Routine Task Automation

FinTech professionals often have to do tasks repetitively, be it document drafting. Now doing the same task again and again might reduce productivity. To overcome this challenge, you can use add-ins for routine task automation that will free you from doing manual tasks.


This word add in for FinTech professionals helps to save a lot of time on document drafting.


  • You can generate multiple documents at once without re-entering the data.
  • Allows to store client data for future reuse.
  • Helps to generate documents with online intake forms.
  • Let you connect with other programs through Zapier integration.

Benefits: Using this add-in, you can eliminate the error while putting data or crafting contracts manually.

Compatibility: Woodpecker is compatible with Microsoft Word; however, you can connect it with Zapier, DocuSign, OneDrive, Clio, and other platforms using API.

Pricing: Starting from $39 per month/billed annually. You can take a free trial.

Rating: : 3.8 stars out of 5 ratings.


Here is a paraphrasing and summarizing add-in to help you compose error-free documents.


  • The flipper functionality helps you change your writing style and enhances your vocabulary.
  • It helps you find the right synonyms to improve your writing.
  • With paraphrasing you can easily rewrite sentences to make it more unique.
  • It allows you to translate your content in multiple languages.

Benefits: Write error-free documents and improve your grammar and vocabulary to deliver the right message to your clients.

Compatibility: It works with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Chrome.

Pricing: The premium plan starts from $4.17 per month.

Rating: 3.8 stars out of 5.

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Word Add-ins for Research and Information Gathering

Finance professionals often have to scroll down articles and research papers to gather information about their jobs. However, going on the Internet every time to find information and scrolling between multiple tabs might lead to confusion and half-knowledge. A solution is that you can install an add-in to find and gather data directly within Word.


With the Wikipedia add-in, you can simplify referring to text and images directly within Word. Hence you don't have to go on internet to find a piece of information.


  • A large source to find facts.
  • It helps with information crosschecking and improves the accuracy of data.

Benefits: It helps with quick research to find and gather data.

Compatibility: Wikipedia plugin is compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel.

Pricing: The add-in is free to use.

Rating: It got 4.1 stars out of 5.


A great Word add-on for FinTech allows you to search over a thousand million articles directly within your Office environment.


  • It helps you select and insert individual and multiple references at once.
  • It lets you create a bibliography from the references you have cited.
  • Generate references, citations, and a bibliography with just a few clicks.
  • You can change your citation style or even include a custom one.

Benefits: The Mendeley cite plugin benefits to speed up the process of referencing data when writing and allows you to insert references from your Mendeley library directly into your Word account.

Compatibility: This citation plugin is compatible with Microsoft Word.

Pricing: Mendeley Cite a Word plug-in for FinTech professionals is totally free to use.

Rating: This add-on got quite a low rating of 2 stars only, however it is quite useful for citation.

Word Add-ins for Managing Project Workflow

Dealing with several projects or documents at the same time can be a daunting task that creates a lot of confusion for FinTech professionals. To simplify your project workflow, you can get help from Word add-ins for FinTech workflow management.

financial matters.

Get your tasks, documents, contacts, and email linked in one convenient place with this Word add-in for FinTech professionals. It has powerful features that can simplify your projects and workflows.


  • It allows for convenient searching across projects, tasks, and contacts, where you can edit tasks or assign them to team members.
  • Calendar integration helps you keep track of your project deadlines, tasks, and other priority work.
  • It even lets you track time directly into your project management tool.
  • It offers a smart checklist with templates that you can access anywhere.

Benefits: A powerful platform that helps you link your Microsoft account with Jira, outlook emails, Microsoft Teams, Asana, etc to combine all of your tasks, and gather data for efficient project management.

Compatibility: This Word plug-in is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Project.

Pricing: The paid pricing plan starts from €6.90 per user.

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Word Add-ins to Customize Templates and Forms

FinTech professionals often requires creating templates and forms, however, creating templates from scratch can be time-consuming and boring. One solution is that you can install an add-in that lets you access pre-built templates quickly.

As the name suggests, this Word add-in for FinTech consultants allows browsing a variety of templates.


  • A large template gallery of bill of sale forms, agendas, calendars, business cards, newsletters, sign-in sheets, printable specialty lined paper, schedules, exercise logs, and more.
  • As compared to Word, you can find a large number of templates with Excel add-ins.

Benefits: The ease of usage makes it feasible to directly install and access the add-in to find the right template for your Word files.

Compatibility: The plug-in is compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel apps.

Pricing: You can use the Vertex43 Template Gallery add-on for free.

Rating: It has rating of 3.8 stars out of 5.

To Sum Up: Word Add-ins for FinTech Business

And that’s it. Hundreds of plugins are available in the market today that encounter certain challenges but only a few stand out. We gather only the best Word add-ins for FinTech consultants to make your search easier. By using these add-ons, you can ease everyday tasks, manage documents, automatically generate reports, collaborate with your team members, and do more within the Word environment. Hope this helps.

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Word Plug-ins for Fintech business - FAQs

1. How can Word add-ins improve FinTech document management?

Word add-ins like Grammarly, DocuSign, and Woodpecker help to enhance work efficiency, ensure security, and help generate error-free documents to simplify the process of document management.

2. Is it cost-effective to use Word Add-ins?

Yes, Word add-ins are a cost-effective solution that extends the basic functionality of Word. There are multiple add-ins available that you can use for free however some require additional purchases also. For assistance, you can hire office Add-in developer from iFour.

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